How It Works

If you are facing a fund-crunch situation, and looking for a payday loan, then we at can solve your problem. And in case you are curious to know how it works, here are your answers.

But before getting into the details, it may be prudent to tell you that though the payday loan can solve your immediate financial problems, it is no solution for chronic financial crunches. In fact, you should seek the advice of a financial counselor or a debt consultant for getting out of the ditch you have fallen into. That will prove beneficial for your financial health for the long term. A payday loan can help you solve your immediate crisis though.

Here at, we can help you get your payday loan in no time at all. We are ready to accept your application for the loan on behalf of some of the larger lenders that provide the cash advance in the state, and are known for their integrity and customer-friendly terms and conditions. You may submit your application online 24×7 from the privacy of your home at our website. As soon as your application is accepted by us, you will be receiving an email containing the loan terms and conditions that is presented by these lenders. These obviously will be in line with your requirements as stated in your application form. You are required to go through the conditions laid down by the lender, and decide if you can agree with these or not. There is however no obligation on part of you to accept the conditions if you do find them suitable for you.

In the event of you agreeing to the terms and conditions laid down by the lender, your money will be credited to your bank account without any delay. It happens within the next 24 hours. But remember that it is purely a short term loan for you to tide over your current financial problem. You are supposed to pay back this loan, along with the interest as soon as you get your paycheck for the following month. In certain cases, the repayment period may be extended by the lender. By the way, you are also required to pay some nominal fee for processing your short-term loan.

You must be 18 years of age, you must have a bank account and should be earning money on a regular basis to become eligible for payday loan. Since the lenders are not much bothered about low credit score, you may avail of the loan even if your credit score is below average.

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